Wednesday, 4 December 2013

MSU Baroda College

Baroda College

 This Building is the most ambitious project of Chisholm in Baroda & one of the finest buildings constructed in India during this period of the 19th century- both in the territory of British India or the Princely States of so called Native India, Note that the scale of this building the technological design of its dome is very sophisticated. It clearly delineates that Chisholm wanted to design a building that would  become a centre-piece of the architecture of Baroda State. Note that Baroda was a City- State & its territory was a region almost 30% of present day Gujarat. It is this vast territory — which this building seems to address. Chisholm s structural engineering of the Dome is the most striking aspect of this building.

DATE- 1887

DOME - 45 mt span of the dome
            -twin-dome structure where in 16 ribs created between the inner & outer dome- become the key skeletal members 
            - twin domes system also enables the natural ventilation of the dome & details of apertures in the dome have been cleverly worked out to exit rain- water etc.
            - 6 other domes in this building in the 2 wings that define courtyards etc. 

PLINTH - 4-5 metres completely changing the urban scale in the setting.


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